How and Why is Equity the Superior Growth Model?

Posted on November 19, 2011


Check out how Demos and PolicyLink are continuing the conversation around Equity as a Superior Growth Model.

Subject: All: Lets starting talking about Equity as the Superior Growth Model!From: Sarah TreuhaftSent: 11/18/2011 at 04:03PM

To keep the conversation going about Equity as the Superior Growth Model, we asked some thought leaders to send us their reactions to the paper and we’ve been posting them on EquityBlog. The first one is from Miles Rapoport, president of Demos and The American Prospect. Here is what he said:

PolicyLink has a vision for America’s tomorrow that should give everyone hope. This is an exciting, eye-opening blueprint for fostering a growing economy where all Americans share in the fruits of prosperity. The power of this report is that it shows how growth is contingent on tackling our nation’s greatest challenge – rising inequities of wealth and opportunity. And, as well, it shows how the profound demographic changes ushering in a more diverse America are a huge asset that can and should be leveraged to create new prosperity. These two insights should be central to today’s economic debate.

Thanks to recent events, inequality is finally moving onto the national agenda. The moment is ripe for presenting bold visions about how to create a fairer economy, and PolicyLink has such a vision. The core policy recommendations of the report – to invest more in infrastructure, supporting small business, and building human capital – are not new, but “America’s Tomorrow” shows how these strategies can fit together to fuel growth and help build a future American middle class that will be far more diverse than in the past.

It’s not just this report’s policy ideas that are spot on. So is the political analysis. The report is exactly right that we need new kinds of alliances in order to advance growth and equity at the same time. Growth advocates in the business world need to focus more on race and equity if they want to achieve their goals, while those of us who champion equity need more appreciation of the importance of business in creating jobs and opportunity.

Demos wrote more about the paper on their Policy Shop blog, too. Check it out here.

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