Learning Corner (Must Reads)

We’re not asking for you to read a lot (ie: image below), but some good reads are nice to have in your repertoire. Just don’t fall asleep with them. The readings below take 20-30 minutes max. Seriously.

For our meeting Tuesday, and as we talk about Equity–how many of us know what that means?

There is a rich history of the movement from talking about equality to equity and varying ideas on how to achieve equity.

The following readings provide insights into the different perspectives as we get ready to enter the “Regional Equity Summit”

  1. It Equity about Building Capabilities? Is Development Freedom?
  2.  Is it Equity About Reaching Outcomes? Just City type of Outcomes?
  3. What is the geography of opportunity?  Does living in a poor neighborhood hurt health or as the article below states, does it have health benefits? (NEW HUD STUDY FINDS MOVING TO LOW-POVERTY NEIGHBORHOODS LOWERS RISK OF OBESITY AND DIABETES FOR POOR WOMENNew England Journal of Medicine to highlight health outcomes of ‘moving to opportunity’ WASHINGTON)
  4. Another OPTIONAL READING is to see how PolicyLink is currently framing Equitable Development via, Equity as the Superior Growth Model
  5. What else is or was a must read for you?
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